WELCOME y’all! My name is Sara Reed and I am an Alabama bred, North Carolina living interior designer and owner of Pearce Reed Designs --- located in Charlotte, North Carolina. My career as a decorator has evolved over time. I practiced accounting for 6 years before diving head first into interior design.

My love for interior design started at a very early age. My talented mother always had a “knack” for turning something ordinary into something fabulous. I was always in awe of her placement of furniture and talent in appointment of accessories. She definitely inspired me to think outside the norm. Tediously watching her and asking questions help develop my passion for creating aesthetically pleasing interiors. 

My philosophy is that you live and spend a majority of time in your home – why not make it something that is comfortable and pleases your eye every time you walk through the door.  That does not mean that every piece in a home has to be a grand antique or cost a fortune. A mixture of styles, textures, colors and accessories can do the trick! It is always fun walking into someone’s home and seeing how it is decorated to get a sense of who that person is. When it is inviting – you get the feeling of warmth and harmony. That is what I want to create for each individual client I work with.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me in my journey to create gorgeous interiors!

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